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How it Works

Our system provides a simple and intuitive interface. Begin by approaching the kiosk.

Rental Process

Approach the kiosk and watch for screen to awaken from sleep mode.

Select the "RENT" button. The screen will display rental rates and then allow you to select your desired boards.

Read user agreement and disclaimer and check the box

Choose from an email or text to receive your receipt.

Swipe credit card.

The appropriate lock will unlock and allow you to grab your board, PFD, and paddle.

Place personal belongings in the locker and shut it completely. If you need to re-access belongings, simply swipe your PFD or paddle along left side of the kiosk and the corresponding locker will open.


Return Process

Approach the kiosk and select the "RETURN" button.

Place the PFD or paddle near the return sensor on the left side of the kiosk. Be sure to hold in close proximity.

Remove belongings from locker and replace with PFD.

Return the paddle and then board to the locker. The door will lock once all equipment has been placed back properly.

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